Covenant Training Course - FAQs

How soon after buying will I have access to the course?


Upon completion of the purchase process, which can be paid via credit card link or invoice, you will be taken directly to your new user admin area and can start assigning learners to the course right away. No delay.

How many learners can take the course if I buy a license? And can I add more?

The number of learners you can assign is dependent on the license you choose. The Basic License includes 2 learners, for example.

You can add more learners anytime you like. This can be done using the tokens that come with your package or you can purchase as many additional individual learners as you like, whenever you like.

More questions?

If any of your burning questions are not addressed here in our FAQs then please get in touch. We have a speedy response team waiting to assist you.

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