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Calculating Covenant Capacity

One of our most popular modules in our Leveraged Finance Covenant Training course is the chapter on Calculation Mechanics. The topic is also most often requested for deeper learning, case studies and expert input, so we’ve decided to make it the focus of our upcoming Autumn in-person event, taking place on 27th September at The Ned.

Empowering the Market with Covenant Knowledge

We have heard anecdotally that the first half of the year did not usher in the new era of tighter terms, despite the shift in negotiating dynamics brought about by market uncertainty and instability. This surprised some, but it does not surprise FLT.

Learn Covenants Your Way with FLT’s Varied Approach

Second only to our passion for creating the best educational covenant content available is our drive to provide the best possible learning experience for those who take our course. That’s why we’ve taken every step possible to ensure that there are educational options suited to anyone, tailored to each individual’s learning style.

Debt Jenga: Avoid a Topple

Understanding the myriad ways your debt could get primed is essential to effective credit analysis. This is why we cover subordination in such granular detail in our Leveraged Finance Covenant Training, as illustrated by this video lesson we've shared direct from our online curriculum.

Announcement: Lawyers Can Now Receive CLE Credits When Taking Our Covenant Course

We work hard to ensure that our Leveraged Finance Covenant Training course is relevant and useful to anyone working in the leveraged finance market, from credit analysts to traders to lawyers and others. We recently received accreditation from the Illinois MCLE Board, which means that our course now qualifies for seven hours of continuing legal education credit.

Analysing Covenant Concepts - A Step by Step Video Guide

At Fox Legal Training, we believe that making legal concepts easy to understand is the key to our students’ success. At the end of the curriculum for each covenant that we cover in our Leveraged Finance Covenant Training, we sum up learning in a digestible “Step-by-Step” lesson, taking our students through the analysis step by step.
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