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Expert Guided Legal Education from Sabrina Fox

"Over the past decade, investor protections have been steadily eroded in favour of borrower flexibility. Covenants that could once be relied upon to work in a particular way are now rife with risk and full of loopholes.

The course has been designed to tackle this issue through education. Our vision is to equip a generation of credit professionals with the ability to understand legalese so they can identify downside risk and upside opportunity in covenants and make better investment decisions.”

- Sabrina Fox

"There just isn't anything out there like this and as a credit analyst you're often just thrown in at the deep end without any formal training on the world of covenants."

Michael D

Credit Analyst

"Sabrina is an excellent teacher and her passion for covenants is obvious. The course is really well broken down and the use of real life examples and case studies makes a big difference to the application of the information."

Matt W

Investment Analyst

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Covenant Training Blog

May 13, 2024

Black(line) Magic: Lottomatica’s Bells & Whistles

Last week, I wrote about the magic of a blackline in the context of analysing docs for a repeat issuer or in a refinancing. Nothing else highlights key changes quite as well, as demonstrated by Lottomatica’s added bells and whistles in this week’s offering of senior secured fixed and floating rate notes. TLDR: Lottomatica is getting a flexibility upgrade, whilst lender protections are watered down.
May 9, 2024

The Crystal Ball Power of a Legal Blackline

Last night, I ran a blackline of Fedrigoni’s new seniorsecured notes (the May Notes) against January’s (the January Notes), and found twoimportant features – one of which can be used to make a relative value comparisonbetween the two series. 1. The May Notes contain two valuable redemptionfeatures for the borrower, with a third additional kicker folded in,that the January Notes do not have, making the January Notes moreeconomically protective for investors. 2. The May Notes and the January Notes back-datethe builder basket to the start date for the builder basket of thebonds that are being refinanced, but fail to disclose the built-up capacityunder that basket, making it a kind of “hidden” source of capacity.
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